Counselling and Psychotherapy

Counselling and psychotherapy for adults

We offer psychotherapy and counselling to adults and youth who experience a variety of difficulties:

  • low self-esteem;
  • excessive stress, tension, irritability;
  • problems in interpersonal relationships;
  • anxiety disorders or psychosomatic disorders;
  • problems in adapting to living in a foreign country;
  • lack of satisfaction in close relationships (with parents, children, spouse, partner), e.g. communication problems, avoiding intimacy, insufficient catering for one’s needs;
  • emotional difficulties, such as anxiety disorders, depressed mood, low energy, changes in sleep patterns (insomnia or sleeping too much);
  • sexual problems.

    The type of psychological work depends on the nature of difficulties the person struggles with and can take the form of short-term counselling or long-term psychotherapy. Our practice is open to all people regardless of their religion, psychosexual identity, descent, ethnicity or the nature of the psychological difficulties the person experiences.

    Diagnoza psychologiczna i psychoseksuologiczna - Bydgoszcz

    Counselling and psychotherapy for teenagers

    Counselling and psychotherapy for teenagers uses similar principles of adult therapy but is underpinned by strategies from developmental psychology.

    If you have a teenager who is showing some of these typical signs of adolescent psychological problems, then counselling or psychotherapy could help:

    • difficulties in coping with daily life;
    • problems in adapting to a foreign country, new school etc.
    • peer relations difficulties;
    • excessive worrying, obsessions or compulsive behaviours;
    • extended period of depression;
    • noticeable changes in eating;
    • disturbed sleeping patterns;
    • volatile mood or difficulty managing anger;
    • chemical substance misuse (e.g. drugs, alcohol);
    • pronounced demonstrations of aggression;
    • references to self-harm;
    • apparent changes in personality;
    • sexual health and development concerns (e.g. questioning one’s sexual orientation or gender identity) .


    • individual session – 250 PLN or 50 EUR / 45 min.
    • couple session – 350 zł or 70 EUR / 60 min.